Say Peace In Different Languages!!!

Have you ever though about saying PEACE in all different kinds of languages. Well if you want to go to Then when you are at the page then you look for Say Peace In All Languages! Here are some different ways to say PEACE in some other languages:

  • German-Friede , Frieden.
  • Greek-Irini.
  • English-Peace.
  • Middle English-Pes, Pise, Pees.
  • Spanish-Paz.
  • French-Paix.
  • Old French-Pais.
  • Irish-Siochain.
  • Ancient Greek-Eipnvn.
  • Gothic-Gawairpi.
  • Hebrew-Shalom.
  • Italian-Pace.
  • Japanese-Heiwa.
  • Latia-Pax.
  • Muskogee-Ittimokla.
  • Dutck-Vrede.
  • Portaguese-Paz.
  • Russian-Mir.
  • Scots-Pace.
  • Chinese-Heping.
  • Swedish-Fred.

Well there is just some of the ways you can say PEACE in some other Languages. When I was going though then I thought that some were pretty cool. I hope you enjoyed them like I did. Sooooo peace out!


6 thoughts on “Say Peace In Different Languages!!!

  1. Hadley says:

    FYI: I think it’s cool about the peace stuff, but the link to the website is broken.

  2. garrettr22 says:

    That is so cool because I’m like a hippie as you can see on my picture with the peace sign and what is up with that Swedish as Fred as Ian said. That is so weird.

    • Bethany says:

      Sorry this is so late, but with the say peave in different languages post. I dont know with the swedish and fred thing it is just how they say peace.

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